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Mission Hills IBEW building razed, new library to replace it

The old International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers will be replaced by a new Mission Hills library branch.
Photo credit:
Eddie Rey - Facebook

This week demolition began on the old International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) building on Washington Street in the Hillcrest/Mission Hills area to make way for a new regional library branch .

The site had become an eyesore to some people who had complained about its outdated style and its use by transients camping out and leaving garbage and debris in the entryway.

The popular neighborhood app Midtown took notice and gave their commentary as Hillcrest’s Eddie Rey snapped a picture of the razing and posted it in a discussion thread.

“Wow, what a welcome sight. It's great to see the project underway!” said Sheila Anderson after seeing Rey's photo of the demolition. 

The City of San Diego purchased the building which sits at the intersection of Washington and Front Street, back in 2004.

The total cost of the project is estimated at $20 million with half of that price tag being fueled by private donations.   

Late last year, Times of San Diego reported that the new establishment will be spaced at over 14,000 square feet, an increase of 10,000 square feet over the current branch which sits to the west on Washington between Hawk and Goldfinch Streets.

The new design reported as of November 2016, shows a single-story craftsman type building complete with wooden beams and A-frame façade.

So far residents in Mission Hills and Hillcrest have given their approval of the new plans and are excited to see the neighborhood get a makeover even if that means destruction of an older building.

“Not everything that's old is worthy of preservation. Glad to see new library replacing old vacant building,” said Alan Schultz in the Midtown discussion thread.

The much smaller library branch will remain open until construction of the new facility is complete.

(Upper sidebar photo courtesy of Paula Tracy Lambert: Lower one Times of San Diego)