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Antonio Sabàto, Jr. will run for Congress in CA

Antonio Sabato Jr will run for a seat in the 26th Congressional District in California.
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Television, movie actor and former underwear model Antonio Sabato Jr., has filed paperwork to begin his campaign for the 26th Congressional District in California reports the Associated Press.

His advisers say he will bring fresh ideas to congress despite being a Washington outsider. They also say he will be stressing his ties to President Trump.

The entertainer spoke at the Republican National Convention last year.

Jeff Corless, his chief strategist said it’s, “clear the electorate is frustrated with the professional politicians and the failed government bureaucracy.”

Currently the seat is held by Julia Brownley (D), 64, a former state assembly member. Democrats have a 12-point registration lead over the Republicans in the district which spans from parts of Los Angeles and Ventura counties.

The November elections saw Hillary Clinton (D) carry the district by 22 points.

Charles Moran, Sabato’s campaign fundraiser, says the actor will concentrate on issues dealing with veteran and foreign affairs as well as substance abuse.

 He’s “somebody who does have the ear of the president,” Moran said.