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San Diego adult video star David Meza found guilty of murder

Adult star David Meza of San Diego found guilty of murder.
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Adult video star David Enrique Meza was found guilty of murder on Tuesday, May 2, reports the San Diego Union Tribune.

Meza, 26, also went by the screen names Mario Romo, Rick Romo and Gonzales, and was accused of killing his 52-year-old lover Jake Clyde Meredino in May 2015.

The video star made gay pornography, but also had a girlfriend. 

San Diego Gay and Lesbian News wrote about the disturbing case back in December 2015, in which Meza allegedly swindled Meredino with love, The two engaged in a long-distance relationship, and according to prosecutors Meredino wanted the adult star to live with him in Mexico, he was just waiting for the deal on a condo to close.  

On May 1, 2015, the condo was theirs, Meredino put Meza's name as beneficiary, and they both celebrated in a Mexican resort hotel.

Later it's reported that Meza left the hotel on his motorcycle, calling Meredino soon after asking for roadside help.

After telling the resort security guard where he was going, Meredino  left in his Range Rover. At about 3 am,  Meredino's dead body was found in a Baja California ravine having been savagely stabbed. 

Meanwhile, Taylor Langston, Meza's girlfriend who was pregnant at the time, entered Mexico in her own car, the two would later say, then detract, they were there visiting a friend. 

But defense attorneys argue that Meza did not have the stature nor strength to commit such a crime on a 310-pound man.

The case was founded purely on circumstantial evidence as there was no physical or DNA evidence which linked Meza to the crime.

However, Meza first lied and said he was not in Mexico at the time of the murder, but later recanted that claim, saying he lured his boyfriend to the scene in an effort to steal his stereo equipment but didn’t go through with it and rode away on his motorcycle.  

The defense theorized that someone else saw Meredino at the side of the road and killed him.

Later that same day Meza and Langston went to the hotel where the two men had been staying to retrieve Meza’s belongings and reportedly conspired an alibis

Eleven days after the murder Meza mailed a handwritten will which left Meredino’s estate to Meza. Prosecutors also say Meza withdrew all the money from Meredino’s bank account.

Evidence was produced to show that Meza sent remorseful texts filled with guilt for an unknown act to his girlfriend later on. 

The federal jury upon hearing all of the evidence took a week to decide that Meza was guilty of foreign murder of a U.S. national and conspiracy to obstruct justice. 

His fiancé was charged as an accomplice to the cover-up and plead guilty in February for obstruction of justice.

Sentencing has been scheduled for August 7.