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Russian teen thrown from rooftop because 'the boy was gay'

Mass murder of homosexuals is an effort for the country to exterminate gay people entirely, survivor claims.
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In a recent article for Russian magazine Snob, several gay survivors of torment and persecution from that country describe their ordeals. One tragic story parlays how a teenager was thrown by his uncle from a ninth-floor balcony to his death.

LGBTQ Nation reports that the men in the article do not identify themselves, but give accounts of persecution by their friends, family and others.

One interviewee says this mass murder of homosexuals is an effort for the country to exterminate gay people entirely. 

It was only last month that word spread about a concentration camp in Chechnya where gays were being held. Stories of torture and abuse spread internationally, prompting a meeting between Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov and President Putin.

As mentioned previously, one terrifying testimonial in the Snob article describes family members who took a 17-year-old to a ninth floor balcony and pushed him off:

In 2009, a 17-year-old boy fell out of the balcony of the ninth floor in a house near the place where my family lived. At the time, the whole district said that he was stoned, high, how bad young people are today, hard-core drug addicts. It was six months before I accidentally found out that the boy was gay, and when his family found out about it, they decided to kill him, in order to thus washing away the stain of shame from the family. But neither the father, nor the mother, nor the brothers could do this, so his uncle killed him. He dragged him to the ninth floor and pushed him.

The gay man who gave this testimony also said his own brothers were physically abusive and one day while visiting his mosque, he talked to the imam about his ordeal only to be told by the prayer leader that the violence was unacceptable, but he was no longer welcome in the mosque.

“I want you to leave now, because what you said is the most disgusting thing one can hear,” the imam said according to the LGBT Nation report. “I hope your relatives have the dignity to wash away your shame. Go away.”

This behavior also seems to correlate with a televised French news special which aired last week, where gay men give detailed accounts of the torture and abuse they received at the hands of Chechen government officials.

In yet another story provided by the Snob report, a man who described himself as a “godfather” to the local gay scene had to maneuver around being ostracized with bribes in order to  escape the city and wished he could change his sexuality.  

“I hate myself this way. Not only myself, I hate all gays. I hate those who want gays to live free. What freedom, what gay parade in Chechnya, if there are not even Russian laws?”

President Vladmir Putin at the behest of a Russian ombudsman said police and officials will assist,  “in checking the media reports of the persecution of people of nontraditional orientation that supposedly took place,”