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Use caution when opening Google Docs in email today

Phishing scam infiltrates your email asking you to open a Google doc.
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There is a massive malware virus going around today that camouflages itself as a Google doc sent from a friend and lays in wait until you open it. Delete it. If you open the email it appears to be fine, it's when you actually open the document that it goes to work.

Not much is known about what it is doing at this time, but you can be sure it's not good. 

BGR says that if you open the Doc, hackers will have access to all of your personal and professional information within Gmail. Again, not good 

Business Insider warns everyone not expecting a Google doc, or one that looks or feels suspicious, to not open them.

Sometimes these links are sent by people you know so you wouldn’t expect it to be dangerous.

Business Insider posted an example of an email in which the sender “invites” you to view the document. Until more is known about this virus it is advised you delete it without opening it.

If it was a legitimate file, your contact will send you another one if you ask.

 Another warning; If you click on “Open in Docs” the far-reaching malware will send a similar message to all of your contacts. This news comes from Joe Bernstein from BuzzFeed.

The malware does not appear rudimentary and may

 Business Insider says they reached out to Google, but as of yet has received no response.

Again, if you receive an email from someone you know that has a Google Docs request to open attached. Check with them outside of Gmail to confirm whether they sent you one or not.