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Questionable cross in NYC gets a Pride makeover

Neighbors in this NYC block came out with paintbrushes and pride.
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One can only speculate as to whom keeps chaining a large wooden cross to different areas around New York’s Gay Street, a primarily LGBT community.

But whatever its message, it just got a little more colorful thanks to the neighborhood who rallied together to give a big surprise to the person or people who put it there. It first appeared on Good Friday. 

Micah Latter, a Gay Street resident, says her religious beliefs are what motivated her to to make the symbol one of inclusion.

"As a Christian, the cross is a sign of love, peace, and hope and it was clear the mysterious owner of the cross was not sharing those same values," Latter said to Popsugar. "It was unsettling that the owner's intentions were not sincere."

Amid the frustration and guess-work, a friend texted Micah and together they formulated a plan.

“We're rainbow painting the cross,” they texted to neighbors. “I'll bring paint and Champagne for anyone that can make it."

An estimated 50 people showed up in support of the cross painting, which left Micah loving her city even more.

"My favorite part of the event were locals sharing the experience with strangers. We had two tourists from Brazil stay for the entire painting; we had kids skateboarding by stop to paint; we had many straight couples, gay couples, and a transgender couple all sit, paint, talk, and stand in the street sharing stories," said Latter. "It was a magical NYC moment."

Not even the large locks escaped the Pride painting party, members painted red hearts on them, calling them "love locks." 

"It belongs to the street now," added Latter.