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Activist Murray-Ramirez gets his own day in Massachusetts

San Diego's very own “Mayor of Hillcrest” was honored in Holyoke Massachusetts last week by having April 22, decreed by the city’s mayor, Alex B. Morse, as “Nicole Murray-Ramirez” Day.  

The iconic San Diego activist’s efforts have made many changes in the LGBT community over the last 45 years locally, nationally and internationally.

Murray-Ramirez was one of the original organizers of the San Diego Pride parade, spearheaded a successful letter writing campaign to have a Navy vessel named in honor of Harvey Milk, and also managed a successful grassroots effort to get a U.S. postage stamp printed honoring Harvey Milk. 

As Queen Mother of the International Imperial Court, Murray’s philanthropic services extends beyond borders. Gathering donations through fundraising and community outreach, Murray-Ramirez has helped those in need along the United States' southern borders.

Holyoke’s openly gay Mayor Morse wanted to recognize Murray-Ramirez for his dedicated service within the Latinx community, his 45 years of public service and the unwavering commitment he has to helping the HIV/AIDS cause.

In 2012, it is reported that just over 40,000 people call Holyoke their home.

Mayor Alex B. Morse was elected the town’s mayor at 22, making him the youngest person to hold that city’s position.

Murray-Ramirez was recently elected to co-chair The March on Washington on June 11. He is the only gay activist to be elected to all six LGBT marches on Washington.