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Local activist goes missing in Mexico after Facebook Live plea

Hugo Castro was last seen on Facebook live, pleading for help.
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Hugo Castro - Facebook

A local human rights activist has gone missing after he went on Facebook live asking for help on Thursday.

Hugo Castro is a U.S. citizen and volunteer for Border Angels, a non-profit human rights organization which helps advocate for humane immigration reform and justice.

In his live feed, Castro says he was being followed by group of criminals who want him dead.

"Seriously, I was threatened, they want to kill me," he said in Spanish, reports KPBS.

Also in the video he pinpoints his location as Kilometer 37 of the highway to Puebla out of the Mexican capital. 

He believes those that are after him are from Tamaulipas and that they had been following him for days and now had him cornered.

In the 20-minute Facebook live plea (see below), Castro says he is nearly out of money and his phone was almost dead.

The KPBS report says he was on his way to meet a caravan filled with Central American asylum seekers making their way to the U.S. border.

 Founder of Border Angels, Enrique Morones told KPBS that Castro had received many death threats in the preceding months because of the work he was doing with Haitian migrants.

“These people that threatened him were trying to take advantage of the Haitians and Hugo was defending them," Morones said.

Friends and family held a vigil at Chicano Park on Easter Sunday to pray for his safe return home.