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Racist, homophobic flyers posted on SDSU campus

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ABC 10

Racist and homophobic flyers sprouted up in bathrooms across the San Diego State University (SDSU) campus this week, creating a shockwave throughout the student body.

The postings, pasted in East Commons and library bathrooms were taken down immediately after they were reported to campus authorities.  

San Diego’s ABC 10 news spoke with Marquis Whiteside, who says he is stunned at the amount of hatred displayed in the poster.

"I'm kind of shaking because I didn't think that was … something like that would be posted in a campus like this," Whiteside said. "From Jews to blacks to Asians, I mean, discrimination is ubiquitous across the board. I can't … wow."

Another student told the news station, "I've never seen anything like this at this school … hateful, and wants to say everything that would offend everyone."

"Honestly, I feel bad for them because they obviously have so much hate,” she adds.

SDSU officials say they will not tolerate such hatred.

Whiteside says the incident may be an opportunity to talk about the issues and perhaps come to an understanding.

"If we do an eye for an eye, we're all blind. Let's have a conversation and let's get to the bottom of it, and maybe we can move forward, and maybe we can form a more peaceful society," he said.

No other offensive flyers have been found on campus, and the school is making counseling available for those who may have  been adversely affected by their message.