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Pastor who said Pulse victims deserved it, guilty of child molestation

Kenneth Adkins was found guilty of eight charges in relation to child molestation.
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A homophobic religious official who believed that the Pulse massacre victims were deserving of their turmoil and deaths has been convicted of eight counts of child molestation.

The Florida Times Union reports that Kenneth Adkins, 57, was found guilty by a jury for molesting an underage boy and girl who were members of his church seven years ago.

Prosecutors claim that Adkins prepared the 15-year-olds to have sexual intercourse with him. The male victim says he came forward so that other young men and women would never have to go through the same thing as he did.

An hour after hearing the case, the jurors returned with their verdict. Adkins will be sentenced on April 25.

The pastor was deeply reviled for comments he made last year after a lone gunman entered Pulse nightclub during Latin night and opened fire, killing 49 innocent victims.

“I don’t see none of them as victims,” Adkins tweeted. “I see them as getting what they deserve!!”

A short time later Adkins was arrested on charges on molesting two underage parishioners.