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Hillcrest car chase ends in crash through storefront

Driver crashes into Hillcrest business after small car chase with police.
Photo credit:
ABC 10

A man led the San Diego Police department on a small car chase through Hillcrest on Tuesday night, ending in a crash through a business store front on Park Boulevard and Robinson Avenue just before 9 pm.

Police reported that an officer pulled over a reckless driver heading in the wrong direction through a closed road. The officer pulled the car over, but when he approached the car, the driver sped off.

The driver sped through a Robinson Ave. alley, with police in tow, but smashed into a car leaving the pursuing cruiser unable to follow.

Not soon thereafter, police got a call that the man crashed through the storefront of Cal Uniforms in Hillcrest.

The driver took off on foot, but police were able to capture him and take him to Mercy hospital for treatment of injuries sustained in the crash.

The driver’s name was not revealed to the public, but police are evaluating him for driving under the influence.

He could face charges of felony evading, reports ABC 10 San Diego.