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NOM calls 'Free Speech Bus' a success despite 'ugly side of the LGBT'

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Pink News

The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) is claiming that the large orange “free speech bus” used to tour the country tagged with transphobic rhetoric was a success despite that “LGBT extremists did everything in their power to prevent" it from promoting a “national conversation on the biological nature of gender…”

The brightly-colored coach was sponsored by the Spain-based advocacy group CitizenGo.

NOM applauds the tour even though in an email statement and blog entry they say the LGBT extremists colluded with anarchist groups and engaged in, “violence, property damage and acts of intolerance.”

Both NOM and International Organization for the Family (IOF) joined CitizenGo to, in their words, provoke a national discussion about biological “truth of gender.”

They also say the bus was a beacon used to hit “’pause’ on the headlong push by the left to redefine gender based on ‘identity’ and ‘feelings.’”

The organization said they encountered the “ugly side of the LGBT” movement that repeatedly engaged in “violence and assault, and inflicted substantial property damage, in a failed effort to derail the bus tour.”

NOM claims they noticed a coordination between democratic politicians, LGBT extremists and anarchists groups who want to destroy “civilized society.”

They say in the email: “As you may remember, within hours of launching the tour, the bus was attacked by two LGBT activists while parked near the United Nations in New York City. They assaulted the African American bus driver and destroyed several of the bus's windows with a hammer, while also using graffiti to cover the bus with militant "trans liberation" messages. After repairs, the bus continued the tour to Boston, New Haven, Philadelphia, and concluded in Washington, DC. Along the way, it was frequently met by an angry mob of LGBT extremists and anarchists.

Even further dismayed NOM notes that one Philadelphia politician, Mayor Jim Kenney, proudly helped activists attack the bus.

The statement continues: 

“The mayor's Office of LGBT Affairs proudly referred to themselves as 'an accomplice' in organizing protests which turned violent, with attacks on the bus and on police officers by gay activists and anarchists. At least one of them was arrested and we were prevented from speaking, an act of intolerant bullying the Mayor's office takes pride in. Meanwhile, while we were being prevented from engaging in a discussion with these protestors, the mayors of both Philadelphia and Boston ordered LGBT/transgendered flags to be flown at City Hall.”

“They failed to stop the tour or silence us, and, ironically, in the process made our very point that they don't want to debate the issues and instead will use force and political power to silence Christians and all Americans who understand that biology determines gender.”

"Sadly, this kind of behavior is not limited to public demonstrations such as promoting our bus tour. Average Americans are routinely subjected to acts of intolerance whenever they speak up in defense of the obvious truth that gender is determined by biology and that nobody can change their gender.

"The #FreeSpeechBus tour demonstrated in clear and stark terms why it is essential for Congress to move forward immediately to pass the First Amendment Defense Act, legislation which would prevent the federal government from discriminating against people of faith based on their views of gender, marriage and similar matters. No American should be subjected to discrimination or harassment by the government simply for standing by their deeply held beliefs about marriage, gender and human sexuality.

"NOM will continue to work to counter the dangerous gender ideology of the left, and stand for the truth that we were all created male or female, and that gender is based on biology, not "identity" or emotions.


Brian S. Brown."