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Caitlyn Jenner not happy with HB2 replacement law

Caitlyn Jenner not happy with with repeal of HB2 and its replacement law.
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Transgender reality star and right-wing endorser Caitlyn Jenner has expressed her views on the repeal of North Carolina’s stiff HB2, saying it wasn’t repealed at all after Governor Cooper, Phil Berger and Tim Moore signed HB142 in its place on Thursday.

HB142, according to Chris Sgro of Equality North Carolina, does nothing to amend the discriminatory nature of HB2 which barred citizens from using the bathroom of which they most identify.

“HB2 was a direct attack on the transgender community,” Sgro said in a statement. “HB142 only continues this discrimination by barring cities from passing non-discrimination protections until 2020 and making it illegal for cities to pass transgender protection.”

Jenner expressed her feelings about the exit of HB2 and its replacement on Twitter: 

“This backroom deal is NOT a true repeal of #HB2...” she posted.

Following up with:

“The new law orders NC cities to discriminate against LGBT people until at least 2020 and unfair "bathroom bans" remain..”

Jenner has been under fire from some in the LGBT community who think that she is not a fair representation of trans women, and she has no business speaking for them in public forums.

Late last month the former athlete sent out a personal message to Donald Trump after he repealed trans protections put in place by Barack Obama.

“From one Republican to another,” she said in a Twitter video in February, “This is a disaster and you can still fix it. You made a promise to protect the LGBTQ community…call me.”

This was in contrast to her fervor for Trump during his campaign cycle, going so far as to say he was the best candidate over Hillary to support the LGBT community.

“…Trump seems to be very much for women. He seems very much behind the LGBT community because of what happened in North Carolina with the bathroom issue. He backed the LGBT community. But in Trump's case, there's a lot more unknowns.”

But Equality NC is not going to wait for those “unknowns” to reveal themselves and instead vow to take action on HB142 as they did on its predecessor.

“We will never compromise on the rights and protections of LGBTQ people and we will continue fighting this bill, just like we fought HB2,” said Sgro.