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Trump billboard in Phoenix has people talking

Owner of anti-Trump Billboard in Phoenix says it will remain raised as long as the president is in office.
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The LGBT community is not beyond purchasing Billboard space and posting timely and thought-provoking messages about the community, especially during the 2016 election cycle, but one Phoenix lady may have created the most provocative anti-Trump billboard to date.

The giant red sign is located on grand Avenue near Fillmore Street and characterizes the president wearing Russian lapel pins, with atomic bombs exploding behind him and dollar signs upon first glance, resemble swastikas.

Local news channel ABC 15 reports that some are not pleased with the visage, while others are in full support.

One resident who lives very close to the billboard is concerned.   

“I gotta wake up to Nazism for the next four years,” the man said. “I've been here 35 years, this is the worst tagging stuff I've had in my neighborhood.”

Property owner, Beatrice Moore, who owns the land on which the structure stands commissioned a California artist to come up with the presidential editorial.  

Moore defends her choice despite the controversy, taking a stand she says against, “disturbing policies” within the current administration.

 She says she will leave the sign up for as long as Trump is in office.

 The news station asked one passerby what he thought of the image.

“It's fantastic,” Jeremy Bacpac said. “I think [it does] what art's supposed to do: Make statements."

Billboards along Arizona state highways, including Grand Avenue, are state-regulated.