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Dog abuser back in Hillcrest selling puppies reports one business owner

Convicted animal abuser Bernard Samuel Sephus Jr. is seen back in Hillcrest.
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The Prince of Puppies

A notorious animal abuser has hit the streets of Hillcrest to sell puppies once again reports Eddie Reynoso, activist and owner of the San Diego LGBT Visitors Center in Hillcrest. 

Bernard Samuel Sephus Jr., 63, was the focus of an ABC 10 news story this past November when Hillcrest patrons were subject to his cons and witness to his animal abuse.  

At the time, Amy Tillman was one such horrified passerby and she described what she saw to the news station.

“He had the puppy on the leash, and what he was doing is he was actually pulling the leash up so that the puppies feet came off the ground and he was choking the puppy and I could hear it yelp and gasp for air,” Tillman said.

Sephus, a homeless man from Los Angeles, has been convicted twice for abusing animals once in 2006 and once in 2013, reported ABC 10.  

He was also the subject of documentary short called The Prince of Puppies directed by Alexander Uhler, of UCSD.

Reynoso, a new dog owner himself, posted a warning on his Facebook page, saying that he saw the con man back in action.  

“Bernard Samuel Sephus is back in Hillcrest,” Reynoso posted. “Call animal services and police. He is walking around selling more puppies today.”

Disturbingly, the way the grifter gets his money is by squeezing the animals until they yelp, causing people to stop and investigate, and that’s when he makes his pitch.  

A few people have responded to Reynoso’s warning, one even claiming to have seen Sephus that afternoon as well.

 “I saw him on fourth and university like an hour ago,” said Chad King at about 6 pm Monday evening.

Sephus doesn’t seemed to be ashamed of his behavior. In fact he almost wears it as a badge of honor saying in Uhler’s documentary

“I have been incarcerated.I have been put in prison. I have been arrested more than 20 times for selling puppies.” 

Reynoso asks that if anyone sees Sephus they call the police or animal services.

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