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CA lawmaker proposes measure to end Daylight Savings Time

State Assembly member Kansen Chu wants to rid CA of Daylight Savings Time, he proposes bill.
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State Assembly member Kansen Chu from San Jose says Californians shouldn’t have to turn their clocks back and forth every year.

He is proposing a ballot measure which would do away with daylight savings time, citing the “jet lag” effects that the change causes.

Chu also claims that work-related accidents are more prevalent right after the time change and children are especially susceptible to ill-adjustment.

ABC10 asked the question about the consequences of such a law.

They say that parks and recreation services across California want the time-changes to remain intact: the extra hour of daylight saves on energy because they don’t have to turn on the lights as early.

 It could also adversely affect local sports teams the news channel said.

Adult softball sportsman Lawrence Cruz claims the leagues would ultimately have to charge members more to pay for the extra power usage.

That cost would be passed on to thousands of people around the county who play organized sports.

He hopes Daylight savings remains intact.

“There are a lot of people asking me, ‘Why do you want to do it?'” Chu said. “I’m always trying to understand, why not? Why don’t we revisit this practice and see if there’s any benefit?”