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Arrest made in D.C. LGBT communty center attack

Casa Ruby and its staff were assaulted on Sunday leading to the arrest of Andrew Cook.
Photo credit:
Ruby Corado - Facebook

Washington D.C. police have arrested the man who allegedly stormed into the local D.C. LGBT community center and destroyed property and threatened to kill one of the staff members early Sunday.

Casa Ruby on Georgia Avenue, is a LGBT community center and safe place which offers support services and resources.

Police Lt. Brett Parson, the LGBT liaison to the community, said that Andrew Cook had been arrested in conjunction with the attack, but his charges have not been made available to the public as of Monday.

The center’s founder Ruby Corado gave a statement to police saying that Cook is a straight man, but frequented the center to connect with its transgender clientele.

On Sunday, Cook made one such visit, but was asked to leave because he began harassing clients. He became violent but was persuaded to leave, staff locking the door after his exit.

He returned shortly thereafter with a large rock in his hand, according to Corado. He then smashed in the glass door, entered the building, and assaulted the staff member who had asked him to leave.

 The assailant fled after the police were called, but said he would return to kill someone according to Corado.

“Whatever his motive, he had no right to become violent and destroy our property,” Corado told the Blade. “He did not come for services. He came to prey on people.”

The Blade reports that this incident comes on the  heels of an annual report stating that hate crimes in Washington against trans folk had risen to a whopping 90-percent in 2016.

We worked so hard to make this place a safe space for our transgender community,” said Corado. “And now this happens.”