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Russian mayor says his town is a 'gay-free zone'

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Mayor Sergey Davydov of Svetogorsk, Russia declares that his town consisting of 15,000 people is a “gay free zone,” reports European LGBT publication Pink News.

The mayor has banned all gay people from entering the town because he saw a local bakery selling penis shaped suckers.

He said LGBT people will not get into his town, not even foreigners.

"They won’t get here, even from the West,” said Davydov. “There are, and will be no gays.”

Two gay activists tried to enter Svetogorsk on their way to St. Petersberg, but they were detained at the border.

Nobody can enter the Russian town without a permit because of its geological location bordering Finland.

Davydov, a former military officer, said it was easy to vet them out on suspicion of spreading “gay propaganda.”

The leader is very sure that not one gay person lives in the town.

“Did you ever see a gay parade in Svetogorsk?” he asked. “No evidence is needed. Just show me one gay and then we’ll talk about it.”

He adds: “I offer this every day but nobody ever comes.”

After word got out about his stringent laws a local site said, “We need to impose at least a minimal brain test for officials.”

Another added: “I wonder how he checked all 15,000 people in his town?”

According to reports, nearby towns are also declaring themselves straight-only.