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Protest march replaces L.A. Pride parade this year

L.A. Pride is still going to happen, but with a few changes to the event..
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West Hollywood Lifestyle Magazine

There are some big changes coming to L.A. Pride this year.

First, West Hollywood Park is under construction so the space available for the festivities is reduced, and the annual Pride parade will be replaced with a protest march.

These changes were the topic of discussion at a community meeting held on Wednesday night WehoVille reports.

Organizers of the event, Resist March and Christopher Street West (CSW) were in attendance to discuss LA Pride and address the changes being made to this year’s event.

“We’re doing everything we can to make sure that the people who come to the city, sometimes only once or twice a year, are going to see something familiar [at the pride festival],” said CSW board president Chris Classen.

The Pride festival is one of the largest in the state and is scheduled for Saturday, June 10 through Sunday, June 11, in West Hollywood Park.

A pre-Pride event for transgender folks is scheduled for June 9. But the entire scale of the festival will have to be reduced thanks to a three-year construction project currently underway in the park.

Reports WehoVille: “Only West Hollywood Park’s great lawn and the auditorium, plus San Vicente Boulevard between Melrose Avenue and Santa Monica Boulevard, are currently available for this year’s Pride Festival.”

City officials and the Pride Board are negotiating on areas such as the Pacific Design Center lot and/or the adjacent Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) to be used in lieu of construction sites.

These adjustments are causing further planning delays. The CSW is not sure how many music venues they will have and may be reduced to one, whereas last year they had three stages. 

“I’m not happy that we’re this late in the process. We’re 90 days away [from Pride] and I don’t know where we’re putting things, but we’re going to get there,” Classen said.

He said emphasis may have to be on DJs and not live talent.

As for the Pride parade itself, that has been canceled and replaced with a protest march. This is due to a nationwide LGBT protest march scheduled on the same day.

The number of marchers is expected to be high and officials fear they won’t be able to accommodate the hundreds-of-thousands of people who want to participate.

But they say they will create other marching rendezvous around the city which will feed into the main march beginning at Hollywood and Highland.