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Naked Homeless man found bathing in Bankers Hill complex private Jacuzzi

A naked vagrant was caught taking bath and doing laundry in private residential Jacuzzi.
Photo credit:
ABC 10

Some Bankers Hill residents were shocked to find a naked homeless man had breached their gated complex and took a bath in their private spa reports ABC 10.

One resident said they discovered the undressed interloper using the Jacuzzi as a bathtub while cleaning his clothes at the same time.

A witness named Thomas said the transient had let some clothing sink to the bottom of the hot tub, but he also noticed something more foul.

“There was some feces left in the water, and I think that he had soiled his pants, probably, and was washing it out in the spa," he said.

The disgusted resident went on to claim that homelessness in the area has gotten out of control ruining the community’s quality of life.

"They have to get a little bit tougher with vagrants,” he told ABC 10.

The spa will be drained and cleaned by a maintenance crew. No word on how long that might take.

You can watch the ABC 10 News video report HERE.