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Video captures horrific murder of Brazilian trans woman

Brazilian trans woman beaten to death as bystanders laugh and cheer.
Photo credit:
The Mirror

BRAZIL, -- A horrific video was released across social media showing a Brazilian transgender woman being beaten to death, and police are close to making arrests.

In the disturbing clip, Dandara dos Santos, 42, is seen being dragged from her home and violently assaulted before being thrown into a wheelbarrow and taken into an alley where she is then killed.

The incident captured on video takes places amid cheers and laughter from the spectators who do nothing to stop the assault.  

The woman’s pleas to spare her life are ignored as men kick, punch and berate her with homophobic slurs.

"They will kill the faggot" yells the photographer.

She is also hit with a plank of wood and mocked for having breasts.

Police released the unsettling video in an effort to find her killers, something they say is close to happening.

"Six people have been identified and the video has helped with that,” said Police Inspector Damasceno.

After identifying two of the assailants, police arrived at their house but they fled.

"The investigation is already well advanced and we are going after the killers,” said Damasceno.

The attack took place on February 15, and like U.S. transgender killings the number of victims in Brazil are becoming more frequent.

This makes the fifth Brazilian transgender woman killed in February.

Officials are determined to find and prosecute the murderers, and released the following statement.

“The Government of Ceara hereby expresses its deepest condemnation of acts of violence and intolerance as what was practiced against Dandara dos Santos, killed by brutal beating.”

Be forewarned the video is disturbing and graphic and can be seen HERE.