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Pro and anti-Trump rallies spring up in SD over weekend

Anti-Trump ralliers line the shores of Ocean Beach to spell out their thoughts of the new United States president.
Photo credit:
Fox 5

Organized pro and con Trump rallies sprouted up throughout San Diego over the weekend, and one group took to the sandy shore of Ocean Beach to create a human banner which spelled out their thoughts. 

First, the pro-Trump "Spirit of America” event was organized in support of the president and Fox 5 reports that approximately 400 to 500 people met at the Embarcadero Marina Park South to show their approval of the president on Saturday.

Amy Sutton organized the local event to coincide with nationwide gatherings of those in favor of the new presidency.

Also in attendance were KFMB radio host, Brett Winterblet; Gina Loudon, TV personality, writer and speaker; and Patti Siegmann, president of Oceanside Republican Women Federated.

Sutton said there weren’t many anti-Trump attendees, or “rioters” as she called them, and those who did show “gave up and left.”

About 19-miles north at the Ocean Beach Pier, about 400 people took part in an anti-Trump rally sponsored by local businesses and community organizations for the “March4Impeachment” event.

A choreographed assembly of those members spelled out “Impeach!” visible from an aerial view.  

Previously a small group of anti-Trump ralliers did the same thing at the popular Dog Beach, where they formed a human alphabet which spelled out “Resist.”

The San Diego Police Department reported no incidents at any of the events reports Fox 5.