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San Diego Vons site of heated confrontation between staff and shopper

Staff and employee get into a scuffle at El Cajon Von's supermarket.
Photo credit:
Ibrahim Ahmed - Facebook

An El Cajon Vons supermarket was the site of a heated confrontation between an employee and a shopper on Monday and the whole thing was caught on camera (NSFW- language).

ABC 10 is reporting that Ibrahim Ahmed was at the supermarket to purchase lottery tickets when he saw a staff member block one shopper from leaving the store.

The female customer, dressed in a blue dress shirt and black pants is trying to leave the store but an employee blocks her exit while on the phone with law enforcement..

The shopper then becomes infuriated and begins to shout expletives, trying to push her way through staff member.

"The store employee was on the phone with the police at the time of the incident," a Vons spokeswoman told 10News. 

The employee then takes hold of the woman’s reusable grocery bag and that’s when the altercation becomes more intense.

 "The worker turned her bag upside down and all the baby formula over 200$ [sic] worth fell all over the floor," Ahmed said.

The video ends as the customer leaves the store, but Ahmed told the news station that she returned to retrieve her keys which had fallen during the scuffle.

Ahmed attests that the Vons staff member helped the woman find her keys, but she was still inconsolable.

 "She said, 'you shouldn't have touched my bag you're a Mexican,'" Ahmed said.  "After the video she kept cursing at them and she said this is why Donald Trump want you guys out of this f****** country."

No police report was taken, but the 9-1-1 call was recorded.

A Vons spokesperson, Jenna Watkinson, said they are being supportive of the worker, but can offer no other details at this time.

"Unfortunately, we cannot comment on the pending investigation, but we are cooperating with the requests of law enforcement," said Watkinson.

The video contains course language and can be seen HERE.