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Two women sexually assaulted in Pacific Beach

Two separate rape cases occur in Pacific Beach last week.
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ABC 10 News

Pacific Beach was the location for two different rapes which occurred over two days and within two miles of each other ABC 10 reports.

Police are currently investigating the attacks which occurred last week on the 1700 Hornblend Street and the 4800 block of Mission Boulevard.

Investigators cannot connect the crimes but feel they are unrelated at this time. They also have not released description of the suspect(s) and no information about the two cases.

Women in the area are worried about the crimes and have taken steps to protect themselves.

“I never ever walk alone out here, especially at night, because there’s not that much street light either,” local resident Natalia Vanni told ABC. “A lot of people will bring pepper spray, I know a lot of my friends will bring that out just to be extra precautious.”