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NOM antsy Trump hasn't signed 'Executive Order'

Brian S Brown wants to start pressuring Trump to sign "Executive Order."
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The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) is getting antsy over Donald Trump’s delay in signing an alleged Executive Order that will prevent the federal government from discriminating against people of faith.

In a site blog entry and newsletter sent out by NOM President Brian S. Brown on Wednesday, he reminds readers that Donald Trump was elected president by people of faith.

“Evangelicals voted over 80% for Mr. Trump, and Catholics went for him by 52%," Brown writes. "Now it's time for the administration to act to protect people of faith from being discriminated against because of their faith.”

Brown goes on to say that Trump’s aides have “prepared” the Executive Order, all he has to do is sign it.

The letter accuses the Obama administration for persecuting people of faith by denying them access to government contracts. Christian colleges, Brown explains, were threatened with accreditation loss over things such as housing policies, and, “Nonprofit groups were threatened with loss of tax exempt status for failure to endorse the agenda of LGBT extremists, among other forms of discrimination.”

He then goes on to reference a comment made by Press Secretary Sean Spicer on February 2, in which he stated one of the things that makes the U.S. so great is the ability to “express our religion, to believe in faith, to express it, and to live by it.”

NOM commended him for those words but they add, “so far President Trump has not acted by signing the pending Executive Order.”

In a call to action, Brown finalizes his newsletter with a formal plea to the president to sign the draft Executive Order and says NOM is “preparing a new communications push aimed at encouraging President Trump to act.”

Brown wants his subscribers to help in mobilizing like-minded Americans to support the organization’s effort in getting the order signed. 

“President Trump promised during his campaign that he would act to support religious liberty and it's time that he delivered on his campaign commitment by signing the pending Executive Order,” Brown wrote.