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Founder of 'Lips' releases statement about assault in North Park

Founder of "Lips" releases statement about his attack in San Diego.
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Mark Zschiesche Yvonne Lame - Facebook

Yesterday, San Diego Gay and Lesbian News reported that Mark Zschiesche Yvonne Lame was attacked in San Diego by a man he claims assaulted him because he is gay.

In an emotional video, Lame through bruises, blood and tears recalled the incident on Facebook, which took place on Saturday, February 11.

We reached out to Lame and San Diego Lips yesterday to get a statement, but they were unable to update us at that time.

Today, Lame now at home, released the following email statement (SDGLN has corrected some spelling errors contained in the text, but it does not interfere with the integrity of the message). 

“I want to thank everyone for all the wonderful well wishes and support.

Sorry if I have not responded to those of you who have reached out.

I will spend the next few weeks resting and recovering.

I experienced a hate crime Saturday night and the emotions are high, I think the hateful attack affects me more than the pain and bruising to my face.

I am doing better, but need rest...just all black and bruised, and grateful it was not worse. 

We are living in new times so everyone please be alert and careful. There is a lot of hate and fear out there after this election but we must move forward or the HATE will win.

This hateful attack is not just about me.

It's bigger than that; it's about anyone who has experienced discrimination, experienced hatred, experienced the fear of walking down the street just being who they are.

I want to turn this negative into a positive. Let's all give someone a hug today. let's spread LOVE not hate. Let's remember today no matter what skin color you have, no matter what religion you practice and no matter who you LOVE ...we are all people and we are all AMERICANS....LOVE TO ALL.”

---Mark Zschiesche Yvonne Lame

Yesterday, SDGLN contacted the San Diego Police Department and Officer Billy Hernandez confirms that an emergency call was made to report the crime at 30th Avenue and Polk Street, but no one was at the scene when they arrived, and no police report was filed. 

[Update: San Diego Police Department's Lieutenant Scott M. Wahl has confirmed that Lame in fact did make a police report once police were able to get in touch with him; they are investigating the crime.]

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