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Founder of 'Lips' assaulted, left bruised and bloody: 'because I was gay'

Mark Zschiesche Yvonne Lame posted a disturbing video on Facebook Sunday showing him bruised and bloody.
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[Update 2-14-17: San Diego Police Department's Lieutenant Scott M. Wahl has confirmed that Lame in fact did make a police report once police were able to get in touch with him; they are investigating the crime.]

[Update: The San Diego Police Department tells San Diego Gay and Lesbian News that they got a call from the victim about being assaulted. SDPD Officer Billy Hernandez says that by the time law enforcement arrived on the scene Lame was no longer there and no report was taken. They confirm the incident happened at 30th Street and Polk Avenue in North Park]

A heartbreaking video has surfaced on Facebook as the owner and founder of Lips Drag Queen Showpalace Restaurant and Bar says he was beaten up because he is gay.

Mark Zschiesche Yvonne Lame posted a video in which he appears bruised and bloodied following an attack which he blames on President Trump’s administration and those who supported him.

“This has never, ever happened to me,” Lame says through tears, “So, somebody hit me in the face because I’m gay, and I have never, ever in my entire life have experienced this. And I blame this on Trump.”

Continuing on through the emotional post and a bleeding nose he continues to blame the assault on the president's supporters.

“Look at my face, ‘cause someone beat me up because I was gay,” he continues. “And I blame Trump and all of those who support him.”

“The person who hit me said because I’m gay. So thank you, those who voted for him…thank you.”

San Diego police tell SDGLN that the victim called them from 30th Avenue and Polk Street in San Diego's North Park neighborhood, but when they arrived he was not present and no report was taken. 

Followers posted messages of support and outrage at the video

“I'm sorry this happened, this is really upsetting and disturbing.... Praying for you darhling....” – Cashmere Cavalier

“I'm so sorry you had to go through this. sending love your way” Hugo Donis - Facebook

“Just saw this and I'm outraged and concerned I hope you are feeling better !” Michael Salat – Facebook

“I am saddened and outraged that this has happened to you. You are a very brave man for sharing your experience in an open forum such as Facebook. We should all be this strong and unite with love and support until the violence has stopped! I admire your courage and will be praying for you and for healing, both emotional and physical. May God bless you.” – Tiffany Jae – Facebook.

Lips originated in New York's West Village over 20-years ago, but has since opened venues in Atlanta, Fort Lauderdale, San Diego and recently Chicago.

In November, there was an uptick in violence and vandalism toward the LGBT community after Trump won the election.

“We’ve seen a great deal of really troubling stuff in the last week, a spike in harassment, a spike in vandalism, physical assaults. Something is happening that was not happening before,” Jonathan Greenblatt, the national director of the Anti-Defamation League, said in November. “We’ve been inundated with reports; it’s really crazy out there.” 

The video has been viewed over 3,000 times and can be seen by clicking HERE.

San Diego Gay and Lesbian News (SDGLN) reached out to Lame, but have not yet received a response. 

We also reached out to the local Lips venue, however they have no statement at this time, but will keep us updated as more information is made available. 

Update: this article now reflects new information that the incident was reported in San Diego's North Park district

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