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Hundreds at Lindbergh Field rallied in protest of Trump's executive order

The sidewalks were elbow to elbow with protesters at Lindbergh Field.
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Justin Richard

Although there is no official count, hundreds of people, protestors descended upon Terminal Two at San Diego International Airport Sunday night to show opposition to Donald Trump’s executive order which limits immigrants from entering the United States.

Protests from all over the country have been in full swing at some of the busiest airports.

Trump on Friday signed an executive order which severely vetted immigrants coming to the U.S. from seven countries: Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen.

This decree also included legal citizens traveling at the time of its signing who hold green cards and visas.

Travelers were detained at various airports, questioned and in some cases released.

The Lindbergh Field rally was announced earlier Sunday and began at 5 pm and was scheduled to go until 9 pm.

Protestors gathered at the sidewalk in front of Terminal Two shouting chants such as “Hey, hey, ho-ho Donald Trump has got to go” and carrying signs that read “No Ban No Wall” and “Refugees are Welcome Here.”

Organizers said they wanted only United States citizens to come out for the protest even if they had a green card or visa. They worried that the Department of Homeland Security would detain them and not give them access to an attorney.

They added if a person is detained they should not answer any questions or sign anything until an attorney is present.

San Diego Gay and Lesbian News reported on one gay Iranian cruise passenger, Maysam Sodagari (May Sam), who docked in Florida and although he held a valid green card was detained for questioning. After three hours he was relaeased.   

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