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San Diego no longer in drought

San Diego comes out seven-year drought thanks to last week's storms.
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Those heavy rains that drenched San Diego County last week, wreaking havoc on roadways and property, brought a silver lining.

Some areas in California got 600-percent of their usual precipitation alleviating drought conditions for a quarter of the state.

The Drought Monitor still reports that San Diego County is experiencing drought, however Dana Friehauf  of the San Diego County Water Authority (SDCWA), says the Monitor doesn’t measure the water supply.

The SDCWA has declared San Diego drought-free based on water supply data.

They have found that San Diego has enough reserves to last three years.

Records show that not since 1905 have storms brought with them more rain across the region.

California has been in a drought since 2011, causing many to use groundwater. Now that the reservoirs have been replenished, it remains to be seen if this recent precipitation can rehydrate depleted wells.