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Gay waiter gets hateful message in lieu of tip

A hateful tip left for one waiter at a Louisville Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant.
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A gay waiter in Louisville received a tip that he didn’t want after customers wrote a homophobic slur on their bill before leaving.

Kyle Griffith works as a server at the national Chain Buffalo Wild Wings and says that his communications with the diners was pleasant and uneventful during the course of their meal. It was only after they left that he was shocked finding a hateful message in lieu of a gratuity.

“I don’t tip faggots” and “#uneedjesus” were written on the check and three zeroes were emphasized in black in the tip column.

“To see that coming from someone so much younger than me, just the hate instilled within them, it hurt me very deeply,” Griffith told WDRB. “It just crushed me that someone could say something like that.”

Disgusted and hurt, Griffith posted a photo of the entire tab on Facebook, but removed the customer’s identifying information.

The photo was reported to Facebook as being offensive and was removed.

“I want to be able to tell everyone that this is not a lie, that this is truth. This is an everyday happening,” he told the news station. “It’s got to stop. The hate has to stop. There’s no reason for it.”

Seeing the Facebook post about the incident, one of the women who left the message reached out to Griffith via comment and apologized, saying it was a joke, “She felt bad for it,” the waiter said.

Buffalo Wild Wings gave the server their support, releasing a statement about the situation on Tuesday.

“Because Buffalo Wild Wings is about creating a great guest experience, we feel strongly that our restaurant environment needs to be respectful in order to provide the experience that our guests and team members expect and deserve,” the chain said.

You can watch the local interview with Griffith HERE.