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Sen. Atkins and Assemblymember Todd Gloria weigh in on Trump’s executive order

California State Senator Toni Atkins and Assemblymember Todd Gloria criticize President Trump over immigration executive order.
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On Wednesday, President Donald Trump signed an executive order to immediately start building a wall on the southwestern part of the United States-Mexican border.

He also put emphasis on making it harder for immigrants to enter the country and says he will increase border patrol personnel and build more public and private detention facilities.

Trump’s decree has Some California lawmakers upset, saying his decision isn’t healthy for the United States or San Diego.

“After listening to Donald Trump on the campaign trail, we shouldn’t be surprised that he is pursuing these irrational, mean-spirited and misguided executive orders. But that doesn’t make them any easier to accept,” said California State Senator Toni Atkins.

“[California] Governor Brown said just yesterday (Tuesday) that California is a ‘beacon of hope’ to immigrants from all over the world. In turn, immigrants contribute greatly to our culture and our economy. And part of what makes San Diego such a vibrant city is its rich human diversity, and much of that is thanks to immigrants, many who come from the places Donald Trump is afraid of. 

She continues, “His orders threaten great harm to the efforts of many people and organizations who for many years have been working to strengthen regional economic and cultural ties between the San Diego and Tijuana regions.

“I’d like to take the president on a tour of San Diego’s City Heights, to show him the kinds of people and communities he’s turning his back on. To close America's doors to people seeking freedom and a better life is shameful. I hope and pray that Mr. Trump is soon visited by some better angels.”

Assemblymember Todd Gloria also gave a statement about President Trump’s executive orders, saying the order will not fix the country’s immigration problems.

“Instead, his executive orders will waste billions of taxpayer dollars, terrify millions of families with children, and add another dark chapter in our nation’s history of extreme immigration policies targeted to hurt specific minority groups,” Gloria said in a statement.

“Comprehensive immigration reform is the real solution. This is not a solution. This is a farce, and I’m ready to join my colleagues locally and in our State Capitol to fight for the people of California.

“Americans know that our nation is strengthened by immigration. San Diegans known that the border serves as an important part of our economy. It’s sad that our President doesn’t know these basic facts.”

Some taxpayers are concerned about where the money will come from for construction of the expansive project, a tab Trump says Mexico will eventually have to pay. 

White House press secretary Sean Spicer said Wednesday that Mexico will pay for it "one way or another."

"Building this barrier is more than just a campaign promise. It's a common-sense first step to really securing our porous border," Spicer said at Wednesday's briefing. "And yes, one way or another, as the President has said before, Mexico will pay for it."