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Activists place "Resist" banner over White House on nearby crane

Large crane near White House holds a message from Greenpeace to President Trump.
Photo credit:
Greenpeace International - Facebook

Seven Greenpeace International activists climbed a giant crane poised next to the White House to send President Donald Trump a message.

Zeph Fishlyn, Pearlie Robinson, Zacharia Ismail Kronemer, Karen Topakian, Zachary Riddle, Joshua Ingram and Nancy Hernandez come from all walks of life and backgrounds, but they say they all agree on one thing; they “resist” Trump.

And that was their message to the public as they scaled the large crane to place a banner in clear view

“Big public actions and demonstrations show people they are not alone. There are other people that feel the same way they do,” said Karen Topakian in a video which documents the making of the display.

The large orange and yellow banner is hanging from a construction crane several hundred feet in the air with the word “Resist” across the front.

Greenpeace International’s Facebook page is asking that those who agree with their message place a picture of the installation as their profile in solidarity.

“There is so many other ways that we as people have power. It’s not just the power that’s given to us by an electoral system,” said another activist on the Facebook video.

To see the full video about the people behind the project click HERE.