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First-ever LGBT kindergarten and senior complex proposed in Berlin

A first-ever LGBT kindergarten and apartment complex is being proposed in Berlin.
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An organization in Germany is poised to build its very first LGBT kindergarten in Berlin.

Schwulenberatung Berlin, an LGBT organization has developed the project which would house and support many LGBT community members with 60 apartments of varying sizes.

The layout would include 35 apartments for elderly gay men and 25 for lesbians, trans folk and intersex residents.

The complex would also be a mixed-use building, providing a school, two nursing homes, restaurant, offices and a community center.

Marcel de Groot, CEO of Schwulenberatung, founded more than 30 years ago, said, “We want to provide an appropriate space for children of queer families as well as parents whose children need to be familiar with a very diverse lifestyle at an early age.”

Negotiations are currently being held with landlords in the Tempelhof-Schöneberg district. A decision is expected to be made this spring.

However there may be another hitch on the project’s development. German lesbian associations, Rad and Tat, are also proposing their own idea for the site.

Their plans include 50 affordable and non-discriminatory housing units for elderly lesbian women.

The delay is mostly due to real estate prices in Berlin which have skyrocketed over the past several years.  

But the competition for the land, however unfortunate, is being looked at as somewhat of a good thing.

De Groot says it demonstrates the need for demand on projects for LGBT people.