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Mild protests break out on relatively quiet Inauguration Day festivities

Relatively quiet day for protests in Washington on Inauguration Day.
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Clarence Williams - Twitter

Police in Washington are doing their best to contain protestors in the streets as the Inauguration Parade gets underway in the Capitol.

So far, 95 people have been arrested as confrontations between citizens and the Metropolitan Police Department were heated earlier this morning. 

Some people were arrested for breaking business and car windows. Recently some near the block of 13th and K Streets have tried to set trash reciprocals and newspaper dispensers on fire.

One group also began to throw rocks and other items at the police department.

A few officers have been injured during crowd control; one by second-hand pepper spray and another on a bicycle. 

Police have also had to use pepper spray and stun grenades to control a gathering crowd.

However, these incidents are small and so far the parade route has been relatively peaceful.