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Hillcrest resident gives SDGLN updates from U.S. Capitol

Inauguration Day seems to be going peacefully so far at capitol Hill.
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Derrick Roach

Inauguration Day is upon us and the weather in Washington seems to be just as gray as it is here in San Diego.

But the attitude in the crowd doesn’t seem to be dampened.

LGBT community member Derrick Roach and Daniel Church from Hillcrest have decided to brave the crowds and welcome Trump to the Oval Office on the steps of Capitol Hill.

Roach is amidst the 1.8 million people scheduled to attend. He tells San Diego Gay and Lesbian News that the crowd is festive and feels optimistic.

“Very little protesting at the moment,” he said “What I've seen is weak and small.”

He says there is one protest that will take place at a certain time during Trump’s address.

“Free Marijuana at Dupont Circle as a protest,” he says. “Supposed to light up at 4 min 20 sec into speech.”

Donald Trump is scheduled to be sworn in at noon Eastern Standard Time, followed by a huge parade and Inauguration Ball.

As Roach prepares to hear the in-coming president make his speech, he says that some people in his surrounding area are booing Hillary Clinton, “Not cool," he adds. 

Donald Trump took to Twitter this morning "It all begins today," he wrote, "THE MOVEMENT CONTINUES - THE WORK BEGINS!" 

Earlier today, the Obama's met the Trumps to welcome them to the White House. 

After Trump  is officially sworn in as the 45th President, The Obamas will jet away in Executive One. 

SDGLN will keep you updated to significannt events from the inauguration as they happen.