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City of Orlando make public photos of Pulse aftermath

A law enforcement agent's protective helmet which shielded them from spraying ammunition.
Photo credit:
City of Orlando

The FBI has released very disturbing pictures from the Pulse Nightclub attack, the worst mass shooting in United States history, which took 49 innocent lives in June of 2016.

The photos were taken eight days after the attack, and depict the damage that was done to the building both inside and out as police tried to make their way in to help trapped patrons.

Gunman Omar Mateen was shot and killed by law enforcement on that night.

The images show extensive damage to exterior walls and bathrooms where trapped victims attempted to hide and escape.

This week, Mateen’s wife was arrested by the FBI in connection with the tragedy as they further their investigation as to how much she knew before the incident.

Out of respect for the friends and family of victims, San Diego Gay and Lesbian News will not show any photos of a graphic nature.

The City of Orlando has compiled digital files of all images and they can be found HERE.