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Thugs record themselves attacking trans women with a gun

Men video themselves assaulting trans women on the street at night.
Photo credit:
Felicity Noire - Facebook

A disturbing video has surfaced of young men in Louisiana driving through the streets and harassing transgender women with violence and guns.

Captured by the assailants and reposted by Felicity Noire, the shaky footage is disturbing as the men travel the streets at night shouting slurs and threatening the women.

During the last portion of the clip, a young man can be seen assaulting someone who looks to be a trans woman with one hand while holding a pistol in the other.

Noire reposted the video as a call to action to identify the men and have them arrested.

She writes: “so these two ‘straight’ guys ‘volunteered’ their time to ride around their city targeting gay and trans people on the streets of (NO, Louisiana).”

The video shows the men in the vehicle saying they are "gonna gun a punk down" then recording an assault and shouting to the armed attacker, “shoot that b*tch.”

The word "punk" is derogatory slang which means a homosexual.

Facebook removed the video after the men posted it, But Noire says she quickly re-added it on her own feed. San Diego Gay and Lesbian News has the disturbing video below. 

Popular trans internet vlogger and reality star TS Madison Hinton got wind of the video and shared it with her hundreds-of-thousands of fans. 

She quickly posted a commentary, calling it an "Emergency situation," advising trans folk to protect themselves 

“I wanna tell you, we are living in perilous times now,” TS stated in her video. “This is to all my trans girls, this is also to my GLBT – gay boys effeminate men. Men that identify as homosexual, bisexual, whatever.”

"We are living in perilous times, and gay, trans people are the target."

Madison's live feed was seen by over 45,000 people and in it, the internet star displays the various weapons she has on hand to protect herself from a potential threat. 

People seem to agree with Hinton, as response to the video has been mostly negative in the comments section. 

"This is just going to make it difficult in other cities when other guys take this upon themselves to do this. Sad and Scary" - Coty Hines (Facebook).

"This is very Upsetting, for one because my best friend/ sister is Trans and I pray for her safety everyday, as well as mines. We live in a very Deranged world." - Kenni Levon Styles (Facebook).

"That's why I carry guns and I will be the first to shoot." - DeAnthonio Bell-Coats (Facebook).

A record 26 transgender people were reported murdered in 2016. And earlier this year Mesha Caldwell from Mississippi was documented as the first killed in 2017. 

The video below contains disturbing subject matter:

TS Madison Hinton's NSFW video can be seen HERE.

No word yet on if New Orleans police have identified the men in the video or their vehicle.