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Six days of heavy rain this week could break San Diego records

San Diego will experience a series of heavy storms this week and into next.
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San Diego has great weather 90-percent of the time, but when it rains it pours. Such will be the case this week as forecasters are predicting a powerful series of storms heading into the area, dropping from 2” to 4” of rain along the coast.

Valleys are expected to get 5” of precipitation and the mountain areas could experience a record 10” says the National Weather Service.

The storms will make landfall from the western Pacific and may produce flash flooding across the county.

Brett Albright, a weather service forecaster said the ground is already saturated and flash flooding could begin with the first two storms.

“San Diego could reach or come close to its annual rainfall by early next week," he adds. 

Considering San Diego gets about 10” of rain a year, the nearly week-long downpour has some people worried about notoriously flooded areas such as the San Diego River and the Fashion Valley area.

“This will be the first time since 2010 (that) the developing weather pattern will have the potential to create an extended period of enhanced runoff into area streams and main-stem rivers.

“In addition, after the first and second storms, the soils will likely have little capacity to absorb much more rain, with most of it becoming runoff. There will be the possibility of flash flooding, especially with the stronger systems this (coming) weekend and early next week.

“Due to the potential for heavier rainfall rates, the greatest threat will exist in and below recent burn scars and in poorly drained urban areas.”

The storms are expected to hit on Thursday, January 19, lasting until Tuesday the 24th.