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African-American college band will still go to inauguration despite criticism

The Alabama band will perform at Trump's inauguration despite many criticisms from the president-elect's detractors.
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The band from a historic black college in Alabama has been invited to Donald Trump’s inauguration day ceremony and they say they will attend even though they have received critical and threatening messages from opponents of Trump.

Talladega College President Dr. Billy C. Hawkins says that the invitation to perform in the inaugural parade is a “great opportunity for students” and when a recent appearance on The O’Reilly Factor increased fundraising for the trip he was overjoyed.

Dr. Hawkins told Fox News' Arthel Neville on Sunday that $300,000 has recently been donated to help the band make the trip to Washington D.C.

Despite the excitement, he says there are some who are not supportive of the band’s appearance and  “mean-spirited folks out there,” but despite the criticisms it won’t stop him from taking part in the “historic opportunity.”

"The closer we get to Friday, the more excited I become," Hawkins said.

After the inauguration trip, there will be a surplus of money left over and with that Hawkins is hoping to buy the band new uniforms and pay for future trips.

As of this writing more than $500,000 dollars have been raised through the band's GoFundMe campaign. 

Dr. Hawkins says he and the band owe The O'Reilly Factor, and Bill O'Reilly a "Great thank you," for mking the trip possible.