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Republican Hillcrest LGBT member to attend Trump's inauguration in D.C.

Republican and LGBT community member Derrick W Roach will attend Trump inauguration day in Washington D.C.
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Derrick W Roach - Facebook

One San Diego LGBT community member got a special invitation from Congress to attend the inauguration of Donald Trump in Washington D.C. on January 20.

Derrick Roach, a registered Republican who lives in Hillcrest, told San Diego’s CW6 that it’s definitely going to be an exciting time.

“We are the only country in the world that has a peaceful transition of power like this every four years," Roach told the news station. “The idea came up, why not go to the inauguration? I mean it’s a historic event, I mean regardless of who gets elected.”

He says he got the tickets through Democratic congresswoman Susan Davis after he contacted her office with the idea.

“They said that they didn’t expect there would be a large demand; that they were going to do a lottery, but it turns out they had a very large demand.”

Safety is of huge importance on Inauguration Day as many protestors are expected to be among the nearly 1 million attendees at the event.

Roach seems only mildly concerned.

“You hear about different protests, different groups and I’m just kinda wondering how that’s going to affect everything.”

Roach hopes his attendance is a message of unity instead of separation. 

“There’s things we don’t agree on, but there’s things we do agree on. And so find those things we do agree on, work together and come to a consensus. And on those things where you don’t agree, see if you can find some sort of compromise.”

In San Diego, thousands are expected to march through downtown the day after Trump's inauguration in a peaceful protest against the president-elect.

Starting at 10 am, on Jan. 21,  protestors will gather at Civic Center Plaza and make their way down Broadway to Harbor Drive.

You can watch the full CW6 story HERE.