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Latest Hillcrest bike lane plans reveal more parking

New design for bike lanes through Hillcrest accommodates more parking spots.
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As our nightlife writer, Jim Winsor has a vested interest in the parking situation in Hillcrest, so when he was able to see a proposed design for the busy nightclub area he quickly took notice. 

He gathered some information about the new bike lanes being proposed in Hillcrest, and he seems to be happy about it for now.

In a Facebook post he wrote on Thursday, he states that he got his “hot little hands” on the draft design for lanes being proposed on University Avenue, focusing on those areas where the nightlife is teeming on the weekends.  

“A couple of observations," he wrote of the plans. “First, as I understand it, the bike lanes are all painted. So, there will be no concrete barriers blocking Ubers, Lyfts and taxis from picking up and dropping off passengers in front of Flicks, Rich's, Gossip, etc.”

Winsor says there will actually be a net gain of parking, contradicting the original plan citing, “massive parking and clubs walled off from Uber/Lyft/taxi access by concrete-barriered bike lanes, and the inevitable death of the LGBT nightlife community in Hillcrest.”

He says the latest design shows only seven parking spaces will be lost in front of Ace Hardware on University Avenue, but more vertical and angled spots will be added to side streets with three on 10th Avenue, one on Vermont and 29 on Essex Street.

Winsor says that he is happy with the new plan, even though there may be “revisions” to it sometime down the line.

However, “at this point I think I can safely say we have cause to declare ...VICTORY!” he wrote. 

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