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African American Lady Liberty debuts on gold coin

For the first time ever, The U.S. Mint portrays Lady Liberty as an African-American woman.
Photo credit:
Twitter - United States Mint

For the first time in American history, the United States mint will forge a gold coin that portrays Lady Liberty as a woman of color.

On Thursday, The Department of the Treasury held a press conference to unveil the 2017 American Liberty High Relief Gold Coin.

The Department is celebrating the 225th anniversary of the United States Mint.

 "We are very proud of the fact that the United States Mint is rooted in the Constitution," said Principal Deputy Director Jeppson. "Our founding fathers realized the critical need for our fledgling nation to have a respected monetary system, and over the last 225 years, the Mint has never failed in its mission."

With Lady Liberty displayed predominantly on its face adorned with stars in her hair; the inscriptions include the year “1792” to commemorate the Mint’s beginning, and “2017.”

The words “In God We Trust” are also featured on the front.

On the back, is an image of a “bold and powerful eagle in flight.”

The coin weighs 1-ounce and is made from .999 fine 24-karat gold. It will be minted at the West Point Mint in New York.

Other women of color will be featured on the coin as Lady Liberty in the coming years. The series will include Asian, Hispanic and Indian Americans, being issued bi-yearly.

Last year it was announced that abolitionist Harriet S. Tubman would replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill.