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Chicano Park now a National Historic Landmark

U.S. Department of the Interior recognizes Chicano Park as historic landmark.
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San Diego’s Chicano Park was designated as a National Historic Landmark on Wednesday.

Located in Barrio Logan, just southeast of downtown and directly beneath the Coronado Bridge, the park was one of 24 selected for the honor because of its depiction of American and cultural history.

The 7.9 acre area is known for having colorful murals painted on the bridge and its flyover columns.

Each image, a journal entry into the struggles and achievements throughout Mexican American history.

The U.S. Department of the Interior said in a press release on Wednesday that the artwork is a testament to the Chicano community.

“Representative of the Chicano Civil Rights Movement, Chicano Park has become a cultural and recreational gathering place for the Chicano community and is the location of the Chicano Park Monumental Murals, an exceptional assemblage of master mural artwork painted on the freeway bridge supports.”

In 1970, San Diego planned to demolish the area and make way for a California Highway Patrol substation. But activists occupied the park, successfully thwarting construction of the building.