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Hillcrest cyberbully worries local Grindr users

Grindr user "Hung Top" is accused of harassing people who won't respond to him on hookup apps.
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The Independent

[UPDATE: 12/14/17 - On  2/21/17, the restraining order mentioned below was filed, but denied with prejudice.]

Some users of hookup apps Grindr and Scruff in Hillcrest are getting disturbing messages from a man who allegedly bullies them unmercifully if they deny his advances.

Ricardo Sousa is one such subscriber who uses Grindr to meet people, but when he refused the advances of a man with the screen name “Hung Top” he says he was bombarded with vitriolic and homophobic texts and even death threats.

“You are so ugly you should kill yourself. You look like a f*king down syndrome monkey. Hahahaha how depressing to look like you,” said one message Sousa received then screenshot and posted to his Facebook page.

Sousa says the abuse has been so bad that he has reported the activity to several meetup app companies, but that still doesn't seem to stop the man’s aggressive behavior.

He is also afraid the man might turn violent.

“I have reported to Adam 4 Adam and Grindr; he gets deleted but creates another profile with a different email,” said Sousa to San Diego Gay and Lesbian News, “That’s just how these apps work.”

The man, according to Sousa always uses the handle "Hung Top." 

Sousa says he's not the only one in the neighborhood being harassed.

“He sees other profiles in the area and hits them up,” he said. “If you did not reply he would get upset and send those texts.”

In one text, the aggressive app user tells Sousa that people feel “sorry” for him and “that’s why they tolerate your useless presence. Dumb sh*t.”

To make matters worse the man lives in the building where Sousa works and he says sometimes the abuse gets personal.

“He put notes on my car, threatening notes,” said Sousa. “Hillcrest is small. I’m scared of this guy.”

Sousa is so frightened that he contacted the San Diego Police Department’s LGBT liaison Sgt. Daniel Meyer asking for his help, however the officer is currently out of town.

Seeking even more advice, Sousa paid a visit to the San Diego LGBT Community Center (The Center) during their bi-weekly free legal advice service.

His next step is to file a restraining order against the cyberbully, and collect letters from those who have suffered the same abuse, hopefully getting a court hearing. He has already received about four letters. Sousa says that the more people who come forward, the more likely the keypad assailant will spend some time behind bars.

“I only want letters from people who have been harassed by him and send screenshots, that helps a lot,” he told SDGLN. “I don’t want him to hurt anybody, but if he should be in jail for a while because this is way over the top. There was a shooting in Florida we don’t need another one.”

If you or anyone you know has been harassed by this individual please contact SDGLN by clicking HERE.