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Trash beneath Spruce Street Suspension Bridge on the rise says local resident

Litter beneath the Spruce Street Suspension Bridge has some residents organizing clean-up efforts.
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The people who live around historic Spruce Street Suspension Bridge are becoming a little concerned with the amount of garbage being left within the canyon, so much so that one resident has taken action to form a clean up crew to maintain the site every month.

Nearby resident and business owner, Kimberly Parker, reached out to the community through the Nextdoor (Midtown) app to get a group of people together and sweep the area, throwing away garbage and debris left behind by visitors.

She tells San Diego Gay and Lesbian News that people regularly throw their garbage over the side of the bridge, and she notices the trash heaps on a daily basis in conspicuous areas.

“Some people that walk underneath try to make a pile by a sign below to help keep it clean,” said Parker, “but I walk the bridge daily and always see trash below.”

Once she posted her concern to the social app a few local subscribers said they were on-board with a monthly clean-up, some having initiated their own details.

“I Did a trash pickup on the first Tuesday of December and we decided to make it monthly,” responded Rose Van Oss from Bankers Hill. “We met at the Maple St. entrance to the canyon.”

Engineered by Edwin Capps and built in 1912, the Spruce Street Suspension Bridge is one of San Diego’s best kept secrets, it drapes 70-feet above the canyon floor and stretches 375-feet from end to end between Brant and Front Streets. 

The bridge is inspected and repaired every three months due to curious tourists and hikers who cause it to swing, loosening flanges or breaking them.

As far as organizing a cleaning detail to help maintain the splendor of the canyon landscape, Parker says she will continue to try and organize a team.

"I also saw that someone that responded to me said a gal by the name of Katie had organized to do the first Monday of each month and even had a city truck come out to help load debris," Parker said.

“I Love a Clean San Diego” is a local volunteer organization which goes around to San Diego’s creek beds, canyons and open space parks every month.

In 2015, ILACSD reports that they collected 500,000 pounds of garbage.

Parker says she also found an organization called San Diego Canyonlands which will help further her search for keeping the Spruce Street Suspension Bridge a, "Truly amazing place in Banker's Hill."

She has also arranged a clean-up on January 14 at 10 am with another resident.

If you would like to help Kimberly Parker with her efforts you can contact her at  kimberly@parkerhospitality.com.

Sidebar photos courtesy of Kimberly Parker