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Organizer says you can effectively protest Inauguration Day from your computer

Online protest hopes to shut down White House website on inauguration day.
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Americans will be mobilizing in Washington D.C. on Friday, January 20 to protest incoming Commander-and-Chief Donald Trump, but one man wants to make it easy for protestors who cannot make the pilgrimage to show their disapproval from the comfort of their home.

Organizer Juan Soberanis says even if you can’t make it to Washington or a local protest march in your city the day of the inauguration, you can still voice your opinion by inundating the official White House website until it shuts down.

In his video posted to Protestor.io website, Soberanis quotes a New York Times article titled “Is Donald Trump a Threat to Democracy?”

Soberanis assures that democracy is not dead yet, but “In order to defend and revitalize our democracy, we have to mobilize, we have to take action.”

This action comes in the form of going to whitehouse.gov on January 20, and constantly refreshing your browser until the website crashes. 

Soberanis says by doing this, it shows, "Solidarity for the lives impacted by Trump’s policy agenda. It’s simple, by overloading the site with visitors we will be able to demonstrate the will of the American people."

San Diego Gay and Lesbian News reached out to the Vice President of Marketing for Protester.io, Meg Cale, to ask exactly how making the website go dark is an effective way to protest; many people rely on the site for information. 

She said it is a symbolic gesture that shows an individual's actions do have an effect on social change. 

"Because Hillary won the popular vote but Trump is being elected - many people have used social media to express feelings of powerless in their ability to help create change," said Cole. "The message in marginalized communities is that our votes really don't count."

She continues to say that the tens-of-thousands of people who will march on Washington this month are not representative of the millions who will be affected by the Trump presidency. 

"We believe voices should not be limited by geography or citizenship. The entire world will be impacted by the Trump Administration policies," she said. 

As for the ease of protesting the inauguration though simply refreshing the whitehouse.gov website all day, Cale says it's a global way to promote your active voice.

"This action is something tangible that can be done by anyone worldwide to show the displeasure with the proposed policy changes of the Trump Administration."

SDGLN cannot attest or endorse the software used in the protest, but if you would like more information about the online dissent click HERE