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Final Shamu Sea World show this Sunday

Final orca stadium show for Sea World San Diego on January 8.
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For almost 60 years Sea World has been using their orcas for live shows at the San Diego theme park. On Sunday, January, 8, that will come to an end as they retire their five-year-old run of One Ocean for good.

The popular Southern California oceanic amusement park announced on their website, that Shamu will give its final 25-minute performance.

“This long-running show will close on Jan. 8, 2017, marking the final orca performance of its kind for our California audiences. Don’t miss your chance to share One Ocean in this final season.”

The company came under fire in the last four years after the release of the documentary Blackfish which showcased the treatment of their whales and the trainers who work with them.

Animal rights activists also chastised the company for keeping whales in captivity, and breeding them, something Sea World has since stopped doing. 

Although the orcas will no longer perform in water arenas, the park will still care for the remaining whales.

"They will continue to receive the highest-quality care based on the latest advances in marine veterinary medicine, science, and zoological best practices," SeaWorld said in a statement last March. "Guests will be able to observe these orcas through the new educational encounters and in viewing areas within the existing habitats."

The theme park website is promoting their "New Orca Experience" in place of the One Ocean aquatic stadium show. 

They say that addition will open sometime in 2017. 

SeaWorld San Diego currently has 11 killer whales in captivity.