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JFK great-nephew comes to defense of gay friend resulting in brawl, arrest

Conor Kennedy was arrested in Colorado after allegedly defending his gay friend against a group of men using homophobic slurs.
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Aspen Times

Conor Kennedy, the grandson of Robert F. Kennedy Jr, was arrested at a Colorado's Bootsy Bellows nightclub on Thursday morning for coming to the defense of his gay friend.

It happened in Aspen Colorado, and according to the Aspen Times, the altercation came about after a group of men began to use homophobic slurs toward Kennedy’s gay friend.

The 22-year-old rugby player was quick to come to his friend’s aid when the situation turned physical, after asking the men to apologize.

He was arrested for disorderly conduct.

His father told the news publication he was proud of his son for his actions.

“Conor has always reacted against bullying. I’m happy he stood up for his friend,” he said.

He adds, "I’m very sorry it turned into a police incident, [Conor’s] not liking the attention.”

Officer Andy Atkinson said he was outside the Bootsy Club when the fight broke out.

He recalls seeing Kennedy, “grab another man by his shirt, pull him down so he was bent over and hit him four or five times in the back of the head with his fists.”

Matt Ferguson, Kennedy’s lawyer said, “multiple witnesses to the incident have reported that two men assaulted Conor Kennedy after he rebuked them for directing a homophobic slur and threats to his close friend.”

Reports say that the young Kennedy was cooperative compliant and respectful toward police after the incident.

Law enforcement are currently looking into homophobic allegations which resulted in the scuffle.

Conor is the late John F Kennedy's great nephew.