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Paper delivery employee says her company may be withholding her tips

Newspaper delivery worker says she is not getting the tips her customers say they are sending to her employer.
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People who are appreciative of the hard work their newspaper delivery men and women do each day are allegedly sending tips to their job headquarters, but the carriers say they are not getting them.

In a ABC 10 News report, they interviewed one San Diego carrier, Suzy who says she was asked by one customer last Thursday if she had received the tips he had been sending her.

After examining her records over the last year, Suzie says she did see tips had been sent, but they were not being added to her paycheck. The customer was also able to confirm he sent them.  

"He said, 'That's not right,' Suzie recalled. "He said in August 'I increased my tip by $15 a month for you and you're not getting it.'"

In a previous story ABC 10 reported that the carriers were sending Christmas cards to their subscribers requesting that any gratuities be sent directly to them because the money was not being transferred to their accounts.

The San Diego Union Tribune and Los Angeles Times say they do pass on the money to their newsies.

Newspaper companies contract a company called ACI to deliver their papers and it is through that company that the tips are allegedly not being dispersed.

Suzie was able to show the news channel meticulous pay statements that contain spotty tip disbursements, but in instances where customers say they tipped, it is missing from the statements.

Suzie is distraught at the thought that her employer is withholding the money, “The one budget that we have to cut back on is the food budget,” she said. “I'm losing thousands of dollars in tips each year."

She welcomes the idea of an audit to make sure the company is not making errors.

ACI told the investigative team at ABC 10, they will go through their records themselves to make sure there are no abnormalities in book keeping.

You can watch the ABC 10 News investigative report HERE