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San Diego takes second in "America's Most Hungover' city

San Diego gets second place in America's most hungover city poll.
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America’s Finest City is also one of the nation’s most inebriated according to a new poll.

San Diego comes in at number two, just below San Francisco as the country’s most hungover.

According to NBC 7, real estate site Trulia used data gathered from cities with the most number of bars, young adult populations (18-34), and party suppliers.

They also asked how many poll takers had at least one binge-drinking experience in the past month.

 “The city with the most party suppliers, young people and binge drinkers scored higher as a place to party,” reports Trulia.

Austin TX, Bellingham WA, and Charleston S.C., completed the top five respectively.

San Diego’s law enforcement urges tipsy party goers to opt for a ridesharing service rather than getting behind the wheel after a night of alcoholic indulgence.